Our Approach to Software

We’re your partner, not your vendor. Our goal is help make you successful by continuously delivering great software.

Small Teams
Agile Development
Agile development is a powerful methodology for building software, especially in the face of uncertainty. We run weekly sprints and work closely with you to define requirements and expectations. We’ll help build a backlog and ensure we’re consistently prioritizing our tasks. You’ll have full visibility into the product and process but also maintain the flexibility to make changes as things evolve.
Build Project
Pair Programming
Two heads are better than one. We strive to pair program 20-30% of our time. It allows us to build high-quality software quickly and efficiently. With pairing, developers are able to transfer knowledge, hold each other accountable, and maintain a high standard of quality. Pair programming is even more important when we’re working through more difficult technical challenges.
Fair Budget
Test-Driven Development
We write automated tests to validate our application code works as expected. Unit tests allow us to test the individual components while integration tests provide a fuctionalty test of features and processes of the application. Aside from establishing best practices for a product, test-driven development increases the long-term maintainability of the codebase.
Host and Support Project
Continuous Delivery
We deploy as often as possible. As soon as new code passes the automated tests, it’s deployed to staging and available for your review. This allows us to get feedback quickly and make the necessary updates. Once it’s approved, we deploy to production and begin a feedback loop with customers. This is the best way to continuously improve a product.

Coding Technologies